Xcode Device Orientation Setting is not working for iPad

Aug 7, 2021


Have you ever tried to set the device setting in Xcode but it never works?

Xcode Deployment Info

It does not work because if your target involves at lease 2 devices, in my case above it is iPhone and iPad, Xcode would separate the settings for you. They just, however, do not tell you in the Xcode UI.

The solution is follow:

If you want to change the device orientation setting for, let say, an iPad

  1. Untick iPhone and/or Mac
  2. You should see the setting for iPad specificly
iPad specific deployment setting

3. Apply the setting for iPad

4. Tick iPhone and/or Mac back to revert back to the status before (1)

Then the device orientation setting should be working again after Cmd+R ;)

Happy coding!

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