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Could not launch “Your App” failed to get the task for process 537

Have you ever tried to launch your app in different scheme but Xcode said it could not launch it? It was perfectly fine to launch in one scheme but not the other scheme. And you received an error prompt just like the above image.

Then you would click the “Details” button to see what went wrong but it gives you some meaningless log:

Oh no, an error occurred.

I guess you’re here is because you’re using M1 for your Xcode project with Cocoapods, but you cannot perform pod install right?

The error message is a little frunstrating but at the same time it is very clear:

LoadError — dlopen(/Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/ffi-1.14.2/lib/ffi_c.bundle, 0x0009): missing compatible arch in /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/ffi-1.14.2/lib/ffi_c.bundle — /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/ffi-1.14.2/lib/ffi_c.bundle

This line is very clear that some architecture is missing for building this pod. Apparently M1 mac does not have x86_64 arch.

So the solution is to run below two lines in terminal:

  • sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi
  • arch -x86_64 pod install

Now it should be working. ;) Happy coding

Have you ever experience your fragment’s UI not updating after exit from another fragment?

I spent hours to find out that the reason of this weirdness is that the fragment state after supportFragmentManager.popBackStack() is causing this issue


So, the solution is to use

supportFragmentManager.popBackStackImmediate("theFragment", 0)

instead, where the “theFragment” is the fragment name used when you add the fragment to back stack:

val transaction = supportFragmentManager.beginTransaction()
transaction.replace(, fragment)

Using supportFragmentManager.popBackStackImmediate(“theFragment”, 0) can make sure your fragment is in the correct state for updating the UI elements.

That’s it.

Happy coding.

Let me know if you find better…

Gradle Build Failed at ':app:processDebugResources'

Previously, we talked about this version of Android Studio has an issue of Launcher Activity (See here). Now we got another issue about Android Studio 4.0.1, which is Gradle Build Process failed at ':app:processDebugResources'

This issue will produce log like:

AGPBI: {“kind”:”error”,”text”:”Android resources linking failed” …..

AAPT: Error: failed writing to ‘…\app\build\intermediates\runtim_symbol_list\debug\R.txt’: …

Android Studio 4.0.1 July 2020

Android Studio 4.0.1 just came out July 2020 and it has some instability issues. One of which is unable to launch your launcher activity for your project if you uninstalled it on the device.

The error from Android Studio is as below:

Error while executing: am start -n “LauncherActivity” -a android.intent.action.MAIN -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER

Starting: intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] cmp=”LauncherActivity”}

Error type 3

Error: Activity class {LauncherActivity} does not exist.

Error while Launching activity


CameraX is a relatively new Camera API in Android. Unlike the predecessors, CameraX is easy to use and requires less tweaking in order to adopt a Camera View in your application. Since, in the official sample code, Google made it a little buggy (for good intentions though) and they only implement it on Activity. So in this article, I’ll go over how to make implement CameraX using Fragment and mention some of the points we should be caution with.

1. Importing CameraX project in Gradle.

As of the day i write this article, the latest version of CameraX is “1.0.0-beta06”

def camerax_version = "1.0.0-beta06"
// CameraX core…

Apple just announced what’s new in web/safari on WWDC2020. Let’s take a look at what API changes are concerning web developers and wkwebview users.

1. Web Animation API

Web Animation API is new in Safari 13.1.

Web Animation API in #iOS14

i. Create and Control animation in JavaScript — Developer can now directly create and control the playback of animation and CSS transitions via JavaScript

ii. Query Animation — Developer can now query animations

iii. Seek to a specific time — Developer can seek a specific time for playback cycle

iv. Change speed and direction

v. New Web Inspector in Safari can inspect animation


Hi this is Rick from Hong Kong. I am a native iOS and Android mobile developer and also a tech enthusiast. Find me on Twitter

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